Sunday, November 25, 2007


I would have to say that I am thankful that I am not crazy like the rest of my family. I cannot even begin to tell about this past weekend. Good news though I finished my book review for the school news paper! And no it wasn't on Harry Potter! I wrote it on Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber, which has to be one of my newest favorites!

Just like I knew the turkey was dry and the apple pie was burnt. I don't even want to go onto what the pumpkin pie was like...Grandma forgot half the sugar...But it should be okay with a lot of cool whip. *shakes head* It never gets old.

I have now almost finished reading Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan. It is book seven in the Wheel of Time series. It took me about six months to pick it up again because chapters 10-12 were quite boring. I guess I should see how it ends...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Crazy Weekend and Robert Jordan

Wow! It doesn't feel like it should be November already. I do have to say however that Halloween was fun. I got to watch the CBS show Pushing Daisies with my friends.

Anyways, this last weekend friends from Spokane came and stayed the weekend. Now imagine two teenage boys discovering the wonders of Bop-It Extreme...*shakes head* It calls for one big head ache! Here is part of what went on:

Now doesn't that look like fun?

Now on to the second part of this wonderful post. Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan was the author of the Wheel of Time series. I say was because he passed away September 16th, without finishing the series. I do have to say that I have complete faith in who ever is finishing the book, but I hope that it will still come out in 2009. I love the books dearly and I give my condolences to the Jordan family. I want to thank Robert Jordan for the amazing job he did with his books. I know its a little late, but I only found out two weeks ago that he had passed because I don't check web sites very often, as you can tell from my blog and its sporadic posts.

This next weekend I am going to Spokane and I can't wait to see what other excitement will occur.