Sunday, November 25, 2007


I would have to say that I am thankful that I am not crazy like the rest of my family. I cannot even begin to tell about this past weekend. Good news though I finished my book review for the school news paper! And no it wasn't on Harry Potter! I wrote it on Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber, which has to be one of my newest favorites!

Just like I knew the turkey was dry and the apple pie was burnt. I don't even want to go onto what the pumpkin pie was like...Grandma forgot half the sugar...But it should be okay with a lot of cool whip. *shakes head* It never gets old.

I have now almost finished reading Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan. It is book seven in the Wheel of Time series. It took me about six months to pick it up again because chapters 10-12 were quite boring. I guess I should see how it ends...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Crazy Weekend and Robert Jordan

Wow! It doesn't feel like it should be November already. I do have to say however that Halloween was fun. I got to watch the CBS show Pushing Daisies with my friends.

Anyways, this last weekend friends from Spokane came and stayed the weekend. Now imagine two teenage boys discovering the wonders of Bop-It Extreme...*shakes head* It calls for one big head ache! Here is part of what went on:

Now doesn't that look like fun?

Now on to the second part of this wonderful post. Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan was the author of the Wheel of Time series. I say was because he passed away September 16th, without finishing the series. I do have to say that I have complete faith in who ever is finishing the book, but I hope that it will still come out in 2009. I love the books dearly and I give my condolences to the Jordan family. I want to thank Robert Jordan for the amazing job he did with his books. I know its a little late, but I only found out two weeks ago that he had passed because I don't check web sites very often, as you can tell from my blog and its sporadic posts.

This next weekend I am going to Spokane and I can't wait to see what other excitement will occur.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Seniorosity, Dumbledore and Friends

Well I have to say that seeing my cousin and his wife were a highlight of this month. Just the other weekend my family went to my Granparents house and my cousin and his wife were there! It was so much fun. We went to a water fall in Oregon and we hiked to the top. That was tiring, let me tell you. We also played card games with everyone, Grandpa cheats...

School has been going well. I still hate R&R. It is the crappiest class ever. I almost wish that I had Business Law...Almost. I think that I might be switching out of Econ. next semester into CWP. From what I have heard, Econ. is a hard class and I just might not be able to handle it. On top of that I need to apply to colleges. All of which have a fee of $50 to apply to. Sounds like fun, hun?

I recently found out that one of the greatest characters of all time in the Harry Potter books (which I lobe!) and the greatest wizard was gay! Yes Dumbledore is gay! I loved it! Oh my goodness it made me smile and I wish that JKR had told us die hard fans sooner. And it also fits that Neville (or Nibbles to me and my friends) is married to Hannah Abbott. It just all really fits now and I really want JKR to hurry up and write that Harry Potter Encyclopedia.

I also have a new friend this year. She fits right in with the rest of the group and it is fabity fab fab! My other friend in Yearbook has told me that one of our guy friends is gay and it made me smile just like I did when I found out that Dumbledore was gay. It just fit.

I cannot wait until next month. Thanksgiving weekend is going to be great! No school and seeing my family. I'll be happy. On top of that this Halloween I'm dressing up as a character in the Wheel of Time series. 'The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.'

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Survived the First Month of School

Wow! It has been a long time. Not much has happened except for the fact that I'm no longer watching the two little girls. That is a huge relief. School as a senior isn't much different than being a junior or a sophomore. Just different classes. Right now I'm a TA for my Spanish teacher. I have been having fun so far. I got candy today!!

Now, remember that guy friend I mentioned in my last post? Well he and my best friend from grade school are kind of dating...I really don't know what to call it. The two of them have been hanging out a lot and it is getting a little weird. She broke up with her boyfriend so that she could be with my brother like figure and she now says that she just wants to be his friend. It is driving me mad!!

However, I have found a double cool with knobs book series! It gives me something to read now that the Harry Potter series is over. I really enjoyed the last book. I think that it was the best one out of all of them. It was fast paced all the way through and it felt complete when I was done reading. I have also seen the fifth movie 3 times, one time in Imax, but it wasn't in 3-D. I was sad about that. Oh well.

My trip to the east coast was a ton of fun. My cousin got married and I only got to see his bride for a second at the wedding reseption. It sucked. My other cousin is going to get married this summer and I can't wait!

Anyways, school is going good so far and it is a good begingging for my senior year. Except for the fact that I hate my R&R teacher. I'm pretty sure he is slightly sexist. The girls have to bring treats for class tomorrow and the guys just get to sit there! I was trying to get some of the girls to make special brownies...It didn't work...Hum, maybe I'll make brownies...*winks*

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bug Bites and Long Phone Calls

Let's just say that my fourth of July could have been a heck of a lot better. Where I live we go to the park to watch the fireworks...Well this year there were bugs like you wouldn't believe! To make this story short we stayed at the park for about two minutes, where eaten alive and then watched the show from the car. I ended up with eleven rather itchy and swollen bug bites. It was great....Not really.

Now on to long phone calls. My guy friend who never calls me unless he needs help with school work, called me. We were on the phone for 1hr, 24min, and some odd seconds. That is the longest phone call I've had since I broke up with my boyfriend...And my guy friend is like a brother to me...That's all for now!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Nightmare Continues

So let's just say that since the last time that I had a post things went seriously down hill, except for the weekend. The weekend was great!

Friday my friend from out of town came and we went to my other friend's house where we made the best tasting brownies on the face of this planet! They were made from brownie mix with M&Ms and chocolate chips in them. We even made a chocolate chip cookie dough frosting! They were amazing!!

Saturday and Sunday were then spent going shoping at various places that included a $46 trip to the dollar store and Wal*Mart. Fun fun! We also got henna tatoos. It was great.

Now this past week it went back to pracitcally hell. Yup, more babysitting. Why did my mother even sign me up for this?? It is my sister that usually does this kind of thing, not me! *sobs* At least she was home this week to help, but she has a cold and an ear ache. *head desk and more sobbing*

I'm just hoping that next week gets better...I know it won't, but I can hope, right? *shakes head*

That's all for now...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hell in the form of babysitting.

Today would have been fine if babysitting wasn't on my agenda today. The devil came in the form of a ten-month-old and a four-year-old. The minute the ten-month-old got to my house she wouldn't stop crying. Then she wouldn't take her bottle. On top of that she decided to stand, fall and then bite her lip. Her lip then bled, and bled, and bled until she went to sleep.

The four-year-old on the other hand wanted to play this, and play that. *shakes head* She would choose one game say "this is fun" and then a minute later say "I don't want to play anymore." And like most four-year-olds she was forever asking "why?" and "what are you doing?" and "can I have more pizza rolls?" It was quite a long day.

At least it is over for today...I just have a few more weeks until I go to Maine for my cousin's wedding. Which I am looking forward to. Also I cannot wait until July 21 for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

That is all for now! TTFN!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back From Girls State

So I'm just going to start this with saying that if you are a junior and you aren't sure about doing Girls State, just go for it. It was one of the greatest things in my life and wish I could do it again. Even though there were no guys. Only downside. *grins*

Payment for Girls State: $70
Gray T-Shirt: $5
White T-Shirt: $1
Experience of a Life Time: Priceless

That is pretty much what I have to say, you make a ton of friends and you have a ton of fun while you are learning about your government. It couldn't have been more fun. I have met more people this last week than I have at school and I'm keeping I'm keeping in touch with all of them. And now I'm back home and things are great. I have more confidence in my self and I feel like I can make a change in the world. Well that is all for now!