Thursday, April 26, 2012

Constellations and Roses Drabble

Al wasn't ready to change. I could tell that. He had changed a bit over break (spending time with the family and all that), but he still had a long way to go. I heard whispers between Lily and Hugo that my dad and Al had a chat at Grandma Molly's. I know my dad and how much of a blundering idiot he could be when giving advice. However, there is a serious side to my dad as well - a side that makes a person sense and feel remorse. It was a side I knew existed, but had never really seen.

I have seen my dad angry and confused. Hurt and in tears. But I have never seen him in his role of auror. He didn't need to get confessions out of his own children after all. Well, maybe Hugo sometimes, but Dad mostly leaves that to Mum. She can be scary sometimes. Back to Dad. We never needed to be cracked like criminals, Hugo and I really do take after our mother.

Hugo and I really aren't ones to get into trouble and I think Dad was saddened by that, but then the rest of our family makes enough trouble. James and Fred along with Louis for instance. All the pranks they have pulled. It is amazing they didn't receive more detentions in school. And let's not forget my uncles. Holidays are quite the mess sometimes. I sometimes participate. Couldn't be a Weasley if I didn't. However, I would rather not spend a ton of time in detention, thank you very much.

Anyway, back to Al. He may have had a chat with my dad, but I doubt he is ready to change back. Or even change for the better. I don't think we will ever have the old Al back, but I can hope for a better Al than the one we have right now. I'll even be happy if he stops hanging around the other houses and apologies to Addie everyday for the rest of our lives. I hope that Al can prove me wrong. I really do. I just want my best friend back.

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