Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stephanie Plum, Hair Cuts, and Life in General

If you can't tell by the title, I recently went to see One For The Money. All I can say is that it was funny in spots, but the book is way funnier. And Katherine Heigl is not Stephanie Plum at all. She just can't do the Jersey accent (not that I could do any better; I just think that they could have picked someone else...Sandra Bullock for example).

I have also been listening to the Glee covers of Michael Jackson songs. "Smooth Criminal" on repeat is just as amazing as listening to "Carry On My Wayward Son" on repeat (hehe, Kansas and Supernatural reference, go me!). I have always loved listening to stringed instruments, but the cellos in the "Smooth Criminal" cover just blew me away. The only way to listen to the song is at top volume. Chills every time.

I am getting a hair cut today. And tomorrow I'm dying my hair red. I'm looking for a change and I kind of want to start dating. I haven't been on a date in over five years. I think it is time to try. Sadly I don't really know any guys and it might be difficult to meet guys at school. Maybe I should go to English Club...

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